An Outdoor Shade Canopy:
As Refreshing as Solid Shade Structures

Plus Flexibility, Portability, and Affordability

outdoor shade canopies can go anywhere

It’s hard to beat the beauty and durability of a well-built cedar gazebo. But you can’t take it on a picnic!

An outdoor shade canopy offers more flexibility and portability than permanent shade structures and often costs less.

You can use the same canopy for your backyard party as for a picnic in the park. You can leave it up all summer to block the sun, and take it down in the winter to get as much sun as possible.

an outdoor shade canopy can give you more options than a solid shade structure

Use a canopy with open sides for freedom of movement or with adjustable sidewalls for extra shade. Sidewalls can look beautiful when tied back against the posts.

Your Canopy Shopping Simplified

Sometimes I run across an entire web site that is an exceptional value to my visitors, and is one of those sites. They have an extensive selection of canopies. Every canopy image on this page is from CanopyMart. You can click on the images to find that item on their site.

Eye-grabbing event tent at

And about that selection, they have such a wide variety of canopies — some I have not seen on other sites. From the most basic popup tents to large commercial canopies, enclosed, metal, barn style, to specialty canopies for animals and plants. Enclosed or open, fancy for events or functional for storage. Many can be customized with color options or a company or team logo.

Sun-Tracking Solartent Canopies

CanopyMart's solartent at the beach

One clever outdoor shade canopy has a top that adjusts to the angle of the sun, and a side panel that does, too.

I’ve commented on this site that vertical shade is so often overlooked. But this simple little canopy makes full use of it.

You just set up your canopy and as the sun moves throughout the day you can adjust the position of the panels instead of having to shift the whole canopy. You can also move the side panel from one side to another.

One size is pictured to the left, here. It sets up right in the ground. Another larger size rests on support poles and can shade a dining table or seating area comfortably.

Flexible Storage Solutions

An outdoor shade canopy also makes a great storage solution that protects your belongings while giving you access, flexibility and peace of mind.

heavyduty storage canopy

A canopy with sides hides what you’re storing. Yet you can move the sides for total access to what's inside. CanopyMart has a section of reinforced canopies with steel frames for extra durability in even the most punishing environments.

You can put these canopies up and take them down repeatedly.

You can’t do that with solid structures.

canopymart's Seville gazebo canopy

Steel Canopies: Durability AND Flexibility

Another example of's large selection is their semi-permanent outdoor shade canopies. These are beautiful and durable enough to rival permanent shade structures, with the advantage of being able to move them.

They come with all the hardware needed, assembly instructions, and snap-click connections that simplify construction.

The shade material for the one shown is a breathable, durable Sunbrella© fabric. Some of the other semi-permanent canopies use rigid polycarbonate.

I was surprised to see some great looking semi-permanent steel carports on their site. Durable enough to withstand the outdoors for years, but ready to take with you when you move.

Which is again, one of the advantages of having an outdoor shade canopy – you can take it with you. And these definitely look good enough to take with you.

A Solution for Worn-Out Canopies

After a few years the fabric on any outdoor shade canopy will start to wear out. There’s no need to buy a whole new canopy. Just buy a replacement cover (tarp). Unlike many canopy sites, CanopyMart has an entire section devoted to replacement tarps and other accessories such as roller bags, tie-downs and weights that keep your canopy secure.

They have a wide range of common tarp sizes and shapes and colors in stock. Their helpful customer service department can help you be sure you’re getting exactly the right one.

Stand-Out Customer Service

Do make use of their customer service department. Their selection is huge and their representatives can help you find what you're looking for, even if you don't see it on their site.

There are often many things to take into consideration when you’re choosing an outdoor shade canopy or replacement tarp. CanopyMart understands that. They are committed to help you every step of the way to make sure you get exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

They offer free shipping on items over $99 to US, Canada, Puerto Rico. If you live outside of these areas you’ll need to contact their customer service to help in placing your order. Be prepared that their shipping charges to other areas can be high.

Looks to us like CanopyMart has you well-covered.

Find your ideal outdoor shade canopy at
CanopyMart’s customer service phone number: 1-800-896-2008

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