Is a Misting System Right for YOU?

misting system cooling down a patio in the evening

If you're interested in misting systems, we can arm you with plenty of information to make some smart choices. We believe the more you know, the better choices you can make.

Our page on How a Misting System Works is an overview of evaporative cooling, where it's most effective, and how water pressure effects the quality of the system.

We have some surprising tips on what to look for and how to shop for a system. Before you make a purchase you'll want to read our page on Selecting a Misting System.

We have a 3-part series on 1. Misting Pumps, 2. Lines & Connectors, and 3. Estimating Water Use and Nozzles that delves into the 3 main components of a system and how they work together. If that's way too much information for you, by all means, just read the parts that interest you.

Estimating Costs is especially helpful before you purchase a system, but can help you keep an eye on expenses in the long run, too.

Finally, Installation Tips and Maintenance Tips will help you with some "nuts & bolts" issues.

Not sure a misting system is right for you?

Visit our outdoor cooling comparison page to get an overview of other outdoor cooling methods. Investigate further by reading our informative articles on each cooling method: Outdoor Shades, Portable Air Conditioners, Swamp Coolers, Outdoor Fans and Misting Fans.

I hope you find a way to keep cool outdoors that you are comfortable with.
There are different outdoor cooling solutions for everyone, so get what's best for YOU.