Outdoor Cooling - The More You Know,
The Better Choices You'll Make

outdoor cooling makes parties more enjoyable and guests more comfortable

The choices you make for outdoor cooling can have a big impact on everyone.

Choosing to just "put up" with the heat or choosing ineffective cooling can mean uncomfortable guests, fewer customers and less productive workers. It can mean having to move an event indoors or cancel it, losing a game, or even contributing to heat related illnesses.

On the other hand,

Outdoor cooling can make you more alert. It can improve your mood. It can help you get more work done and be more competitive. It can help you enjoy outdoor play or simply relax and enjoy a sunny day!

The more you know about what's available, about what's possible, the better choices you'll make.

We'll tell you not only about ALL the outdoor cooling options available: misters and foggers, outdoor fans, misting fans, outdoor shades, swamp coolers, — permanent or portable, simple or elaborate, and anything else we can find that would help keep that outdoor area cool…

We'll also help you compare your options to make the best choice for YOU.

We have a weather page where you can learn how the climate and weather in your area affects your cooling choices. The glossary page will help you understand some of the weather related terminology often used on our other pages.

outdoor cooling keeps your family comfortable and safe

Effective outdoor cooling can help prevent and reverse most heat related illnesses. On another resource page you can learn the signs of heat stroke, heat stress, heat exhaustion and what to do about them.

Check back often. We're developing pages on keeping pets cool and cooling apparel. We'll be adding a forum to share experiences and opinions. And we're adding links and reviews to some great products and web sites.

Now relax knowing you'll be making smart choices to take care of those around you.

How To Use This Site

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  • Visit our resources pages. Use the weather pages to determine which methods are best for your area. Learn more about electricity basics and safety on our electricity pages. Learn how to predict the shifting shade on our shade audit page. Take some time to explore. It will help you make better choices.
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